Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lush and Superdrug haul

Over the weekend, I was in London and whilst there, I popped into Westfield and picked up some items up from Lush and Superdrug. Unfortunately, I haven't got any pictures because my camera isn't working on my phone but you can see pictures at Superdrug and Lush.

Firstly, I went to Superdrug where I picked up three items. These items were:

  • Zoella reed diffuser
  • Zoella fragranced bath fizzers
  • Tanya Burr rosy flush cheek palette
I've been trying to find these products EVERYWHERE locally (Birmingham and West Bromwich) but I couldn't find them anywhere so when I saw Westfield, I knew they would definitely be in there. I found Zoella's new products and next to there was the Tanya Burr products so I was in my element. I've desperately been wanting the reed diffuser since I knew it had been released so I grabbed the last one which was there. I had also thought about buying the bath fizzers (which are limited edition for Christmas) so with them being there, I picked up thee jar. Recently, my bronzer and blush have been hitting pan so I needed some new ones. When Tanya released a set with I was so happy because I knew it would be reliable. I have never used a highlighter before so I am really excited about trying it out. The set even comes with a big mirror :)
The prices for these products are as follows:
  • Zoella reed diffuser - £12.00
  • Zoella fragranced bath fizzers - £9.00
  • Tanya Burr rosy flush cheek palette - £8.00
I then went to Lush. We were planning on going to the one on Oxford Street but it had hit rush hour and we didn't fancy standing on a tube with lots and lots of people around us. On the map it said there was a Lush so we went up there and entered the shop. I only discovered Lush this year when I started watching YouTube in February but it is the best discovery ever! When I saw all the Christmas products I had to smell them all but I only brought two and a product that is there all year round. I brought the 'So White' bath bomb and the bubble bar that every body goes crazy about 'Candy Moutain'. The product which is there all year round which I picked up is the bubblegum lip scrub which is amazing. 

Once I have used all these products, I will produce you with some reviews on them (if you would like)!
If you enjoy any other Christmas or make-up products from Superdrug and Lush please leave them in the comments below because I enjoy reading which products you like!


  1. I still need to try Zoella's range! What do you think of the diffuser?


    1. I like it and it looks cute on top of my drawers but the smell doesn't diffuse throughout the whole room which is unfortunate. It is nice if you go up close to it though :)