Thursday, 24 September 2015

How to cope with a cold

Now, you may be wondering 'why the weird title?' Well, that is because for about the past week, I have been suffering from a cold and a really bad cough. So apologies for not posting on Sunday (I haven't got to use to these deadlines-I'm only starting out- give me a chance!) the cold was getting on my nerves an I was going to bed at like 8. Here are my tips for suffering with a cold...

Step 1- have lots of tissues by you at ALL times. During the past week, I have had a box or packet of tissues by me at all times otherwise I would get in a snotty mess- not a good look! With the trouble of having to go to school and having a cold-not a good combination- I have tried my best to battle through it with my tissues being my best friend.

Step 2- get lots of sleep. Sleep has been the best thing about this past week because I'm not coughing and I'm sneezing. This is a relief for me and probably for my friends and family because they don't have to here me moaning or coughing and sneezing all day long. Early nights are also key because you WILL get more sleep. I think, if you get lots of sleep you will recover from the cold quicker (this isn't scientifically proven).

Step 3- drink lots of water. When you have a cough water will help sooth it. The amount of bottles of water I have got through this week is uncountable. I am surprised I haven't just filled up with water.

Step 4- have cough medicine and cough sweets. 'Strepsils' have been my life saver this week; my throat always felt 5 times more better after having one: they were a God sent.

If anyone has anymore tips on how to cope with colds, it would be nice to leave them in the comments so I and fellow readers have tips for the next time we are summered with a cold.   

Monday, 14 September 2015

Autumnal Advice

I'm sorry this post is a day late, I was really busy with school work yesterday (you know what it's like). I've made the time to post this for you today...

With the golden leaves upon the floor, and the cold crisp within the air, I thought I should tell you how I prepare for the autumn months. 

Firstly, I begin by changing my daily make-up products to more autumn colours. Personally, I think dark browns suit my lips really well because it brings the emphasis towards my lips rather than the eyes etc. For the more gloomy, dark days, I have been using Collection's Forever Heather which is in the number 1. It is really easy to apply to the lips and I don't use a lip liner to do this. The only con I can think of for this product is that you have to be prepared to apply it again later on in the day because it does wear off easily. The other lip product I have been using is the Gosh Forever Lip Shine in the colour Sweet Moments (002). This is really soothing on the lips due to it being a lip butter. I use this when the weather outside is a bit brighter and I am applying a bit more of a neutral look.
At the moment, I do not have a very good neutrals eye shadow palette, and I was wondering whether you have any suggestions (making sure they are drugstore/highstreet because I am low on budget). If you do have any suggestions on any make-up you think I should try out, please leave them in the comments below and it would also help fellow readers.

Once I have sorted out my make-up, my next task is to see what the latest fashion trend is for autumn. I haven't done this step yet but I do need to get round to doing it. When I do - if I ever do - I might do a small haul and show you, if you would like!

My last step is to buy lots of blankets and thick quilts because you don't want to be cold when you are snuggled up on the sofa nor in bed. THIS IS A VITAL STEP, DON'T LEAVE IT OUT!! 

So, I hope this has helped you out. If you have any suggestions or 'Autumnal Advice', please leave in the comments below because I love reading your comments and shows I actually have support! 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Small steps for a big journey!!

Life can be hard sometimes. You may become angry. Tired. Confused. Everyone goes through this at some stage in their life. So why not make it a little easier sometimes. That's what I'm doing. I may not be feeling all them emotions right now as I'm writing this, but I know I will do later on in life. I've started this blog to express myself in a different way and connect with new people. Some people might think I''m following the crowd, but I'm not; I am doing this for myself.

It might turn out to be your typical blog post, but who cares. You all read blogs which interest you and that's why you're reading this blog in particular: because it interests you. Everyone's blog posts will be unique in some way, whether that be that they use a different layout, word what they say differently to the way which you would do, or they write about something completely different to you. My blog posts may be slightly different to yours or completely different. I don't mind because we all have our own spin on things.

If only one person ends up reading my blog posts, then only one person ends up reading my blog posts. If hundreds end up reading my blog posts, then hundreds end up reading my blog posts. I don't mind how many people end up reading my blog posts as long as they enjoy them and make them happy, then that puts a smile on my face!

So remember, we are all in this journey together, taking small steps at a time...