Thursday, 24 September 2015

How to cope with a cold

Now, you may be wondering 'why the weird title?' Well, that is because for about the past week, I have been suffering from a cold and a really bad cough. So apologies for not posting on Sunday (I haven't got to use to these deadlines-I'm only starting out- give me a chance!) the cold was getting on my nerves an I was going to bed at like 8. Here are my tips for suffering with a cold...

Step 1- have lots of tissues by you at ALL times. During the past week, I have had a box or packet of tissues by me at all times otherwise I would get in a snotty mess- not a good look! With the trouble of having to go to school and having a cold-not a good combination- I have tried my best to battle through it with my tissues being my best friend.

Step 2- get lots of sleep. Sleep has been the best thing about this past week because I'm not coughing and I'm sneezing. This is a relief for me and probably for my friends and family because they don't have to here me moaning or coughing and sneezing all day long. Early nights are also key because you WILL get more sleep. I think, if you get lots of sleep you will recover from the cold quicker (this isn't scientifically proven).

Step 3- drink lots of water. When you have a cough water will help sooth it. The amount of bottles of water I have got through this week is uncountable. I am surprised I haven't just filled up with water.

Step 4- have cough medicine and cough sweets. 'Strepsils' have been my life saver this week; my throat always felt 5 times more better after having one: they were a God sent.

If anyone has anymore tips on how to cope with colds, it would be nice to leave them in the comments so I and fellow readers have tips for the next time we are summered with a cold.   


  1. I was just thinking I haven't had a cold for a while but I bet I get one now that I've said it haha. Great tips, I like just lying in bed watching netflix with a cup of tea when I'm poorly.

    1. I was also having that thought and then it came. I was like 'go away please'!!